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Corporate Culture

The philosophy supporting the corporate culture at B.A.C. Consulting and ArriveTech focuses on fostering creativity, teamwork and excellence. We believe that maintaining a "family" atmosphere, encouraging each employee to share their ideas, thoughts and concerns without having to fear negative repercussions or going unheard, provides fertile ground for individual growth which can only help to further success as a company. Each member of the B.A.C. Consulting and ArriveTech family is treated as a professional and as an integral part of our business and, as such, is empowered with the knowledge that their contributions and efforts directly affect the quality of service offered to clients of B.A.C. Consulting and ArriveTech.

Providing a cooperative atmosphere has allowed B.A.C Consulting and ArriveTech to reap the benefits inherent in team-based efforts, drawing on each individual's talents and skills, combining each employee's ever increasing knowledge into an extensive arsenal of experience and know-how. Since everyone at B.A.C. Consulting and ArriveTech celebrates each other's accomplishments there is a palpable interest in both learning from and teaching to each other. The sharing of information is so prevalent in the work place that employees are motivated to continually keep themselves updated about advancements within the IT industry, desirous of contributing to the daily conversations that fill the halls and offices.

The camaraderie among the professionals at B.A.C. Consulting and ArriveTech greatly enhances the enjoyment everyone experiences at company events. Each month throughout the year the company, with the help of employee volunteers, organizes and provides fun-filled gatherings such as parking lot picnics, chili cook-offs, pizza parties and international, potluck lunches to name just a few. Each year an employee appreciation party is held where employees and their families can enjoy a casual night out with food and drink provided by the company. Contests are held and prizes are awarded in friendly yet fierce competition.