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We make the Internet work for you!

Internet Service Provider:

An Internet Service Provider is a company that provides Internet access to individuals and companies. With Internet access, these people can then use email, browse the World Wide Web or do business over the web.

B.A.C. Consulting Inc. and ArriveTech Inc. provide several services which can assist your business in getting onto the Internet and establishing an Internet Presence. With the emergence of RedSky Net, a division of B.A.C. Consulting, Inc., we offer corporate email, web page development, web space and domain hosting, and more!

Web Site Hosting:

Once a web page is created, it needs to be located on a server that is accessible from the Internet. The space the page takes on the server is commonly called the page’s web space. RedSky Internet can provide your web page with a home by providing the space it needs to be read on the world wide web. This space provides quick access from the world wide web, and your page would be on a regular backup schedule so that its information would be safe.

Domain Hosting:

Instead of using confusing email and web page addresses that are hard to remember and even harder type, your company may choose to register a unique domain name. A domain name is an identifier for your company on the Internet and World Wide Web. It is generally short with one or two words that can easily identify you (such as in the Internet Community. This name may be a shortened version of your company name or even the company’s initials. RedSky Internet can help you with the process of finding a domain name that can work for you. Once a suitable name is found and registered, an Internet Service Provider must host or provide space for your domain. From finding and registering a domain name to hosting your domain once it is created, RedSky Internet can help you make it easier for your customers and business contacts to get a hold of you.

Corporate Email:

In today’s business world, one of the most commonly used forms of communication is email. RedSky Internet can provide your company with Internet email so that your staff can more effectively communicate with customers, other companies, or even other people within your company. We will customize an Internet email package that will suit your company.