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In today's world, with all the fast changing technology it is impossible for one person to keep up with everything that is going on in Information Systems. So why trust your Business’s Computer System to just anyone? B.A.C. Consulting, Inc. and ArriveTech are true believers in consistent learning with quality control. That is why our technicians are constantly researching and learning about new technologies. Many of the Industry leaders in manufacturing have created certification programs for technicians so their customers can receive top quality service for installation, maintenance and repair of its computer hardware and software products.

B.A.C. Consulting, Inc. and ArriveTech are a young and energetic group of individuals. We have a profound pursuit for such certifications as Microsoft, Cisco, Novell and CompTIA. We have found that this process has sharpened our employee’s skill and knowledge in their areas of expertise. It has given our staff the tools to stay on top of the latest technology and how to apply that technology for clients in the most economical and efficient manner to help increase 0ur clients’ productivity for their information systems. By constantly going back for training to maintain a certified status it assures that our employees are on top of the latest technologies and are knowledgeable on how to best fit theses technologies to our clients’ needs.

In 1999, B.A.C. Consulting, Inc. and ArriveTech became Microsoft Certified Solution Providers (MCSP). A MCSP status means that a company delivers business solutions built on the Microsoft Platform. MCSPs are capable of offering clients of all sizes and industries a full range of services such as Internet, intranet and Commerce solutions, line-of-business applications and client/server implementations.