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Microsoft is recognized as the world leader in technology innovation and in developing all types of PC, Server, and Internet Based Software. Our affiliation with them as a Microsoft Certified Solutions Provider is based on our proven understanding of the Microsoft Technologies, and our ability to provide IT Solutions for any organization using these technologies.


Novell is the manufacturer of some of the most widely implemented network based software available and is continuing their outstanding customer support by developing into a market driven organization to better meet their clients needs. As Novell Gold Level Business Partners, B.A.C. Consulting and ArriveTech are able to implement and support the full host of Novell Technologies.


Gateway is one of the premiere hardware and service vendors in the PC Industry. Their equipment consistently ranks among the top vendors in quality, price, and support. In an effort to improve upon their already outstanding support, Gateway recently launched the Network Solution Provider Program, which is designed as a means for Gateway to deliver an integrated hardware, software, and service solution to its small and medium sized customers. They are striving to do this by combining the strengths of their high quality hardware with the strengths of the very best network integrators on local levels. B.A.C. Consulting and ArriveTech are among the first 50 Network Integrators in the Country to be chosen to join with Gateway to provide this service.


3 Com is a global leader in data, voice, and video technologies. Our affiliation with them as part of their Network Provider Program enables us to stay on the cutting edge of all of these technologies.


IBM is one of the oldest and most respected names in the computer field. They are constantly striving towards advancing technologies in the areas of computer systems, software, networking systems, storage devices and microelectronics. As IBM Business Partners, B.A.C. Consulting and ArriveTech are able to utilize the knowledge and abilities of IBM to better assist our clients.


Nortel is the nations number one company in the wireless Infrastructure Market and is a leader in developing a new, high performance Internet. B.A.C. Consulting and ArriveTech’s affiliation with Nortel enables us to stay current with Nortel’s latest innovations and to provide these services to our clients.

Through the strategic use of these partnerships, B.A.C. Consulting, Inc. and ArriveTech are able to bring to our clients the most cutting edge, cost-effective solutions available in today’s market.  When you come to B.A.C. Consulting, Inc. and ArriveTech with a business information problem, we open a world of solutions for you.


Q-MultiMedia, Inc. is a Professional Services company that provides streaming media along with video and audio production services that a typical Professional Services Provider cannot or does not offer. Most likely, they are not in the Television production business. By producing, encoding and streaming media all from one facility, we reduce friction costs caused by contracting with several vendors each doing a different piece of the project.