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Community Involvements

B.A.C. Consulting, Inc. and ArriveTech believe in the Erie Community. Since Erie is our home, it is our responsibility to work together to help our community grow, succeed and prosper in the new millennium. We truly believe that the Community is the future of this wonderful city.

It takes cooperation, partnerships, education and dedication to help a community reach a new level of success. Our staff sets aside personal time, money and efforts to assist our community so that it can continue to grow and reach its full potential. We hope that by actively taking part and contributing to the Erie Community, we can make it a better place to learn, live and prosper.

B.A.C. Consulting and ArriveTech are proud to announce "Frogaritaville". A splendid addition to the Erie community's Leap Frog offerings.


B.A.C. Consulting, Inc. and ArriveTech have proudly sponsored the following organizations:

Current Community Involvements:
  • LeapFrog
  • Erie Playhouse
  • Children's Miracle Network
  • Gifts for Kids
  • Erie Runner's Club (Hamot 10K)
  • Lake Erie Fanfare (Lake Erie Regiment)
  • Refuge
  • Shriners
  • Ophelia Project
  • The Save An Eye Football Game
Past Involvements:
  • Cancer Center
  • The American Cancer Society
  • The YMCA
  • local children and homeless shelters

Relay For Life

B.A.C. Consulting, Inc. and ArriveTech are proud to have participated in the American Cancer Society’s “Relay for Life”. This annual event raises funds in an effort to fight all types of cancer. One of the goals of this event is to increase awareness in the community of various treatments, research, early detection, and cancer survivals.

Our local American Cancer Society has had such a great turnout for the event in past years that they had to add another location in 2002. The two sites are: (1) McDowell High School football field and (2) Harborcreek High School football field.

In 2002, B.A.C. Consulting, Inc. and ArriveTech were awarded the “Best Team Spirit” award, partially for our dedication to this cause. Our goal was to raise money for a worthy cause through several fundraising events.

Please get involved in the fight against cancer.. If you have any questions or want to get a team together, call the American Cancer Society at (814) 866-5077 for more information.

Partners in IT Education Program

B.A.C. Consulting and ArriveTech strongly believe in giving back to the community. Since the educational system has given so much to our employees, we are proud to offer the Partners in IT Education Program. We launched the program in the Fall of 2000 with an overwhelming response. This program helps area high school students by enhancing their classroom learning with first hand exposure to the exciting and fast paced Information Technology field. It also offers an opportunity for those students who are planning to pursue a career in Information Technology to participate in hands on learning exercises and to receive financial assistance with their future education plans. All of this is provided at no cost to the school system or to the students, since B.A.C. Consulting and ArriveTech believe strongly in giving back to the community and the educational systems that gave so much to our employees.

Program Elements:

  • Annually, two $500 Scholarships will be awarded for graduating seniors that are entering an accredited college in the following majors: MSIS, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Management Information Systems OR will be attending a trade school to pursue an IT education. All applicants must include a complete project such as a website, computer program, or networking job along with a one page essay on why you wish to enter the Information Technology field (including your goals once completion of education).
  • B.A.C. Consulting, Inc. and ArriveTech will be offering two summer camps (two sessions of each camp are available) for students who want to have hands on learning experience and have been recommended by their high school instructor.

Web Site Development Camp

  • 10 students per session
  • 3 hours per day for one week
  • Open to upcoming Juniors or Seniors only

In this camp, the students will develop their own web page, which will then be hosted on RedSky.Net for one year free of charge.

Networking Camp

  • 10 students per session
  • 3 hours per day for one week
  • Open to upcoming Juniors or Seniors only

In this camp, students will learn Windows 2000 operating & networking essentials. They will receive hands on experience with setting up a Windows 2000 network.

  • During the school year, B.A.C. Consulting, Inc. and ArriveTech will send staff members to the high school to spend time talking to the IT classes about the IT field, college information, job outlook, salaries, and what skills employers look for in hiring workers for the IT field.
  • Also, during the school year, B.A.C. Consulting, Inc. and ArriveTech offers a mentoring program for students interested in software design. Selection of these students is at the sole discretion of Instructors at their respective schools. The students who participate in the mentoring program, will get an opportunity to spend time at B.A.C. Consulting, Inc. and ArriveTech, experiencing first hand a software design process in the business world. Time of day is strictly at the school’s discretion; we recommend an after school schedule.
  • Five students per school year can participate in mentorship portion
  • One student per school
  • Mentorship program will run for four weeks with student attending twice a week for a two hour session each