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If you can envision it we can design it!

The Software Development Team Members at B.A.C. Consulting and ArriveTech work together on projects to bring each of their strengths to the forefront, in combination with the most current languages, to develop programs which solve the everyday challenges in business. Our Software Specialists can create and customize a software package that meets your specific everyday needs. If there is a certain program or database design that your company cannot find on the market, let B.A.C. Consulting and ArriveTech design the program for you. Our software development expertise coupled with your knowledge of your business and its processes can produce a program that will ultimately save your organization both time and money.

Custom applications can be constructed using the latest languages and application development tools including:

  • Microsoft Visual Basic
  • Microsoft Visual C#
  • Microsoft Visual C++
  • Microsoft Visual J++
  • QBasic
  • Quick Basic Pro / Pro Bas
  • RPG

Development Packages:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Visual FoxPro
  • Oracle
  • Power Builder
  • Borland Paradox
  • DBase
  • Lotus 1-2-3
  • Web Site Development
  • Microsoft Visual InterDev
  • Microsoft FrontPage
  • Active Server Pages
  • Java / Java Script / Java Beans
  • PERL / CGI Scripting
  • HTML
  • XML
  • VRML
  • Shockwave
  • Adobe GoLive
  • Adobe Live Motion