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Network Migration:

Technology is changing faster then ever; yet, many companies are still using networks that have been around for longer then most of their employees. And as more and more of a business' success becomes dependent on their Information Systems, these outdated networks can cause significant problems for an organization. Perhaps your company wants to implement Internet Connectivity, E-Commerce, or Remote Connectivity solutions or perhaps you simply want to utilize the latest in business applications or need the latest in network security. All of these are commonplace technologies but unfortunately, many of these technologies can not run efficiently on older network environments. So, when your existing network is no longer able to meet your needs and you decide that your system needs to be updated, we can help you.

B.A.C. Consulting and ArriveTech can provide the information and experience necessary to update your network to today's cutting edge technology while transitioning you existing network data, user accounts, and security structure. In addition we can help with making the decision on which network operating system to upgrade or migrate to. Each network operating system has it's own strengths and weaknesses so it is critical that you choose the right operating system for your company's specific business needs not the operating system with the strongest marketing effort. Working with your company, B.A.C. Consulting / ArriveTech can perform a needs assessment to determine what works with your existing network and what needs to be improved in order to maximize your network's efficiency and effectiveness. We can provide you with the implementation of the latest services you need, without overloading your network with unnecessary software or services that will only bog down your network. By giving you proven examples and exploring all aspects of your business, we will migrate your outdated system to a network that will position your company to use today's latest technology and prepare your network for the technology of tomorrow.