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Network Installation:

What happens when you are getting so many employees clamoring for access to data, when everyone wants to use a printer, or when things are so hectic that you need communication between everyone in order to make sense of it all? You need a network, and we at B.A.C. Consulting / ArriveTech can help you get there. Once the decision that you need a network is made, we will begin with a full design phase: an examination of your current system's immediate needs as well as your future needs and your long-term goals. After the design phase is completed, we can handle all aspects of the network: installation of servers, clients, configuration and testing of all your new hardware and software, end-user training, and everything in between so that the users are not left in the dark. Along with this, we provide the ongoing support that goes into a successful network. In addition, we can offer ongoing system administration for those companies that do not have the experience or simply do not want to be bothered with all of the routine (yet very important) maintenance of a successful computer network.