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While everyone is talking about the Internet, today's leading companies are using Web technology to create enterprise-wide intranets. The first question most people ask about the Intranet is: What is it?

The short answer is an intranet is a private company-specific network that utilizes the same basic principles of the Internet.

It can be thought of as a small Internet and World Wide Web, only it is contained within your office. It is an ideal solution for companies with 100 or more users that are looking for an effective way to disseminate that constantly changing yet mission critical information to the entire staff. Office e-mail, company documents and even company databases can all be linked into an intranet that is accessible to your entire corporation. No longer will your employees need to fill out copies of forms and route them to various people in mail runs. Forms can be computerized and delivered to several people at once with a push of a button. Messages and memos can be sent to entire organizations or a particular department quickly and efficiently. Company documents, handbooks and directories can all be placed online. This technology can help to lower operating costs, reduce paperwork, increase information accessibility and most importantly, assist your organization in providing the best possible service to your customers!

In order for an Intranet to be useful to you, it is crucial that this network be properly installed, configured, and maintained. B.A.C. Consulting and ArriveTech offer complete Intranet development and maintenance services.

  • Establishing management tools
  • Interface development
  • Content management
  • End-user training
  • Application integration
  • System-wide consultation
  • Information publishing and archiving
  • Connect your intranet to the Internet
  • Search engine & retrieval support